In Israel gay men seek equal rights with heterosexual servicemen


In Israel is helding a protest gay soldiers who require their spouses to the same rights that they have wives and husbands of their heterosexual counterparts.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that he sees no need for a special law, equalizing the rights of the partners of the fallen soldiers gay. Ya’alon believes that the legislation applies to all military personnel, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Protesters argue that this is not so. In the history of the country’s army command gave legal status to only two families of the deceased soldiers gay. This step was taken only after the relatives in the higher courts.

One of the cases was in 1995. The court found the widowed partner of Colonel of the Medical Service of the IDF, who died of cancer. At the same time in the sentence, it was stated that the authorities are obliged to legalize the status of same-sex families.

Yesterday a group of reserve soldiers set up tents near the capital residence of the Prime Minister. Protesters claim that, among other things, they want to pay tribute to fallen soldiers gay.


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