Irish Synod approved the proposal to work with LGBT citizens, victims of the church


At the Synod in Limerick in April, the Catholics of Ireland have considered the proposal “to appeal to those who suffered from the church, including the women who had abortions, members of the LGBT community and people who have spent some time in church institutions.” It was supported by an overwhelming majority on the first day of the Synod.

About 52% of the delegates “strongly for” the proposal, while 38% expressed “general support”.
“We all know too well the people who in the past suffered from the church. I believe, even more recently, during the referendum on equal marriage, in a speech many people sounded hurt, and they are concerned about the issue, for example, how alienated might felt the LGBT community … “- he said his father Eamon Fitzgibbon, confessor of the synod, commenting on the importance of recognizing the harm that caused church leaders LGBT.

This meeting was the first Diocesan Synod in Limerick for 80 years and the first in Ireland for 50 years, said Nuntiare.Org with reference to the New Ways Ministry. Most of the delegates were worldly Catholics, including a significant number of women, clergy and nuns of about 100 people. Also present was Bishop Charles John Brown, the papal nuncio in Ireland, who carried the Apostolic blessing to the event from Pope Francis.


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