Last year more than 10 thousand male soldiers experienced sexual assault in the US military


US Defense Department released data on the number of rapes in the military. In 2015, victims of the attacks have become more 10 thousand men and almost as many women.

May 5th US Air Force issued a document which presents data on cases of rape and sexual harassment in the US Army. The report is prepared annually, it provides statistical data on not just cases of hazing, as it is about crimes of a sexual nature. Prepares its specially created in the US Ministry of Defence Office – Service of prevention and response to sexual offenses (SAPRO).

This service works closely with law enforcement agencies, developing new methods to reduce the army of crimes of a sexual nature.

Analyzing the data of 2015, the war came to two main conclusions: the total number of rapes (at least this number of posts) in the US Army dropped, while the number of male soldiers who reported that, on the contrary, increased.

The report says that the number of reported sexual assaults of male soldiers increased by 5% over the last year.


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