The guys from gay rugby team wear the crown to debunk stereotypes about LGBT


The guys from the first gay rugby team in South Africa – “Jozi Cats” – starred in a photo shoot, which aims is to challenge the stereotypes associated with this supposedly only “male” sport.

Boys appeared in provocative images, which are mercilessly exploited homophobia around the world. Strong man wearing the crown, all sorts of “sparkles”, and some juggling magic wands, because they are gays that means – “fairies” …

The team was established in early 2016 to provide a safe environment for practicing their favorite sport, as well as the associations of the gay community on the basis of a healthy lifestyle. “Let everyone know that there is an alternative space, where you can come and hang out,” – said one of the players Tevishan Cooney.

The team is going to help increase public awareness in relation to homosexuality and ready to accept into its ranks all who are passionate about sports, adds “The Dominion Post”. And by the way, does not hesitate to play rugby with the girls …


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