Church tried to punish a pastor for coming out, but the effect was opposite


More than a hundred Methodist pastors have publicly defied Church teachings by coming out as LGBT – after one pastor faced punishment for coming out. The group of 111 United Methodist Church clergy co-signed a letter that was sent to senior church officials identifying themselves as LGBT.

The letter posted by Reforming Ministries was signed by people from people across the church – including pastors, deacons, elders and candidates for ministry.It protests the current church policy, which bans LGBT ministers from serving openly, and also bans same-sex weddings. One Methodist pastor who signed the letter, Cynthia Meyer, was left facing punishment earlier this year when she came out. However, sacking one pastor is a lot easier than sacking 111.

“We come out to remind them that God’s love for them is immeasurable, and offers them a love that will never let them go, even when it feels like the church is willing to let them go. We seek to create a pathway of hope into ministry for them, even when the church has tried to shut its doors on them, or overtly or indirectly condoned the persecution of LGBTQI persons.”


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