Eurovision stars promise ‘It is gonna be a very gay year’


42 participating countries walked the red carpet for the opening ceremony of Eurovision 2016, in Stockholm on Sunday. The organisators call it the gayest Eurovision ever and the participants show openly their pro-LGBT position:

Joe and Jake (UK): ‘We’ve had a lot of love from all of the gay community and all the gay fans, and we’d like to give that love back to them and just say thank you.’

Nicky Byrne (Ireland): . ‘It’s the same as every viewer. To me – gay, straight – it makes no difference. So, everybody is out to have fun, enjoy the show, and vote for Ireland.’

Serhat (San Marino): ‘They ask me what is the color of life? Life is beautiful with all colors. That is my message.’

Douwe Bob (Netherlands): I think personally it shouldn’t matter if you are gay or not. If you are a fan of something you love, that’s a good thing. It’s a beautiful thing’. Bob is not only a supporter of LGBT, he belongs to this community being openly bisexual.

Jamala (Ukraine): . ‘Be real, be yourself. No matter what they say we have important thing that god creates us and we are different and it’s a good thing that we can be different.’ Michal Szpak from Poland added: ‘Just be yourself’

Ira Losco (Malta): ‘I hope that coming out isn’t too hard. For some people because that’s always the worst part. Just know that people will love you no matter what. Just keep strong and believe in yourself. People around you love you.’

Christina Lachana, ‘Argo’ (Greece): Think positive. Enjoy every good stuff in your life.’

The gayest Eurovision ever is too loud name, there are not so many openly LGBT people. But the most supportive and tolerant Eurovision ever – yes, definitely!


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