Gay civil unions in Italy. Final step


Till the end of the year Italian same-sex couples may already have rights for civil unions. Matteo Renzi has pledged to push through the civil unions bill this week with a confidence vote. Italy is the last major western country to not recognize same-sex civil unions.There are over 300 amendments filed to debate, with some right-wing conservative politicians hoping to delay the bill as much as possible.However, Renzi has vowed to call a confidence vote on Thursday to ensure the bill is passed without any more delays. Protests from opposition parties have forced the government to remove the section of the bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to adopt a partner’s biological child. Politicians also were made to remove a section that required the need for faithfulness and fidelity. This was due to fears that requiring a couple to not cheat would be too ‘similar to marriage’. This means that adultery would not be a specific reason for a same-sex couple to dissolve their civil union.


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