Laverne Cox about her character, marriage equality and LGBT people on screens


‘Orange is a new black’ star prefers to avoid spoilers and does not want to tell much about her character’s journey in the following season. But there is something she said:”She’s negotiating motherhood and for anyone who’s a parent who’s incarcerated you want to be there for your kid. But Michael is growing up and he doesn’t need a second mum, he needs a father figure – so she’s trying to be that for him. I had the best time playing Sophia this season and the show has gotten better than ever”, as Laverne told ‘Attitude’.

There are LGBT characters in independent films, but at the same time Cox admits that big screens and showbusiness industry is a different story, because at least now using many LGBT characters in films is a rarity. TV is more character-driven and more story-driven and more about pushing boundaries in terms of story.

As for gay marriage Cox says that it is beautiful. ” I personally have no desire to get married but people who want to get married should be able to. In the United States marriage is about immigration and health insurance and tax breaks and visitation in hospitals. In terms of the law there are all these legal protections that unmarried people in same-sex relationships are not able to enjoy. Beyond the religious or the love part of it, it is a contract that everyone should have access to. It’s always wonderful when we’re able to enjoy the freedoms that everyone else has”.


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