Release of Ice Cream “Obama” terminated due to suspicions of “gomopropagande”? ..


Release of chocolate ice cream “Obamka” terminated. This was announced in a few days after the elections to the State Duma a candidate for the St. Petersburg deputy Vitaly Milonov was of the opinion that the product “smelled marijuana and homosexuality”.

A prominent representative of the party “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov said that the use by minors of this ice cream is necessary to “prohibit”. “… Because it’s ice cream, indirectly promotes homosexuality because Barack Obama is the bearer of the idea of the complete destruction of the family and its equating of homosexual marriages is why to children can not sell ice cream..”, – The politician argued, quoting his “interlocutor”.

The British “Times” did not like this idea. The edition has counted the occurrence of this confection latest example of “everyday racism” in Russia.

Must be saying that discontent “Obamkoy” expressed in the US embassy. Press officer William Stevens in an interview with “real time” expressed a very negative: “It is unfortunate that in recent years anti-Americanism has spread so much in Russia, especially when it takes the form of discrimination or racism”.


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