Zendaya shut down a fan who compared her to a gay man with make-up


Former Disney star Zendaya took it to the haters last night after responding to a fan who compared her appearance in Snapchat photo to a “gay dude wearing make-up” in characteristically sassy style. The 19-year-old singer and actress, who hit out at Giuliana Rancic last year after the Fashion Police presenter made a controversial racial joke about her dreadlocks, had similarly little time for the fan in question. “Wait… is this supposed to be an insult cause they slay sooooooo…..” – this is what a celebrity answered on the fan’s claim that “She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup”. Making it clear that anyone with similar tweets should think twice before hitting ‘send’, she tweeted again 10 minutes later with one word: “Handled”.

Being a celebrity one should understand that there are always lovers and haters. And it is impossible to avoid humiliations. But it is possible to answer them right.


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