Gay Israeli singer asks people not to boo Russia at Eurovision


Hovi Star has become a victim of homophobia in Russia. But he thinks that it is not a reason to change people’s attitude to Russian contestant of Eurovision 2016. Booing Russia at the song contest will not change anything. “That’s not fair. If you’re thinking about booing anyone on stage, not just Russia or Israel or anyone then don’t come to Eurovision.You have to understand that I’m doing this for the first time in my life and I’m working so hard for the last six months to get here and to do this. It’s not fair, Sergey (Sergey Lazarev, a singer representing Russia on Eurovision 2016 – GNE) is not the one that’s making the laws in Russia. He’s not the one that ripped my passport when I came to Russia.”

Hovi Star has always been bullied for his sexuality and the way he looks: “Sadly it comes with a price and let me tell you something. Every time someone bullies me or tells me that I can’t do something or tells me that something is not right with how I look or who I am, I go the other way around…I’ll be honest, sometimes not good things come out of this. When I was at school people beat me up, cursed me and sometimes I went home and I cried after because I didn’t want to go to school. But you have to wake up every morning and be strong.”

What does not kill us makes us stronger. And much wiser not to blame every citizen of a certain country in its unfair laws.


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