In the Philippines the Congress was elected transgender woman


49-year-old Geraldine Roman, representative of the Liberal Party of the Philippines, became the first transgender politician in the predominantly Catholic province of Bataan.

In the next three years, Geraldine Roman will represent the region in the Philippine Congress. During the election campaign Roman promised to pay special attention to updating medical facilities. Do not forgot it and the rights of the transgender community, saying that he would prepare a special law on this issue. “If Jesus Christ were alive today, he would not have approved the discrimination I firmly believe it ….” – Says Geraldine Roman.

As a result – more than 102 thousand votes in support of the policy gave, according to experts, the poorest voters.

Until 2012, Geraldine Roman lived in Spain, where she studied languages and worked as an editor in the Spanish news agency. At home, she returned to be with aging parents. Geraldine Roman can not be called a novice in politics. Literally in the Parliament she will take the chair of her mother.


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