Italian Senate equated with majority vote same-sex unions to traditional marriages


National Senate of the Italian Parliament by a majority of votes supported the amendment, which equate same-sex civil unions to the so-called traditional families.

As reported on the official website of the Senate, “for” 173 deputies voted, “no” marriage equality said 71 deputies. Now the bill goes to the lower house of parliament.

The draft law was presented to the members of the ruling Democratic Party in October 2015 and caused considerable controversy in the Italian society. The law gives gay couples the right to inheritance, division of property and care in case of illness of one of the partners. Dissatisfaction with marriage equality supporters is the fact that the bill is no longer refers to the right to adopt children. This item has become a stumbling block during the disputes of politicians and, eventually, disappeared from the law.

The Catholic Church in recent months to stay away from discussions about the legalization of same-sex marriage. Last week, the Vatican said that is not going to affect the outcome of the vote, reminding that the opinion of the Holy See on this issue is well known from the documents of the Church.


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