Kansas does not want transgender people to change their gender legally


The already unpopular updates to Kansas regulations see health department officials come out against existing regulations which allow people to update their birth certificates. The new rules, which could be implemented within six weeks, would mean a birth certificate could only be updated if someone’s parents could prove that it was incorrectly recorded at birth. Health department officials in Kansas have been seeking to change the rules for some months. Trans rights activists have already come out against the regulations, which could make it impossible for transgender people to legally change their gender after they transition. According to the Associated Press, The National Center for Transgender Equality said that only Idaho and Tennessee currently have regulations against legally changing the gender on a birth certificate. Ohio also currently is not allowing the change, despite not having a legal policy against it. Apparently totally misunderstanding what it means to be transgender, Republican Shawnee County Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook said that a birth certificate is “a record for future generations”.

The proposed regulations, condemned as “bigotry” are apparently in response to a legal battle in 2002 over the legality of a trans woman’s marriage to a man following his death. Kansas already faces warnings that its new regulations will be challenged in the courts, as it will be unconstitutional.


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