Catholic organization called the legalization of same-sex unions in Italy “slap in the face to the families”


Catholic organizations and opposition forces in Italy oppose adopted on Wednesday by the lower house of parliament of the law on the legalization of same-sex civil unions. Outraged citizens called it “unconstitutional”, “illegal” and “slap in the face to the families.”

“Voting on the law, democracy was killed on civil unions” – Massimo Gandolfini said one of the initiators of the movement Family Day, which advocates for the protection of the so-called “traditional family values”.

Several Catholic organizations, in particular the Committee “Protecting our children”, sent the president Sergio Mattarella Italy and all the deputies of the dossier proving that this legislation allegedly contrary to the constitution.

In particular, in their opinion, the law on same-sex civil unions in the future will open up the possibility of gay couples to adopt children.

“We appeal to the President of the Republic, because we have doubts about the constitutionality of this law, and ask him to request the Chamber of Deputies a more thorough discussion of the document”, – said the president of the Forum of family associations Gianluigi De Paolo.


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