Elton John: I would prefer to go to the transvestite show than a concert by Janet Jackson


68-year-old Elton John spoke out sharply against his colleagues and friends, now is likely the former, 49-year-old Janet Jackson. He called her “fanerschitsey”, entered into polemics with music critics.

“You … you read music reviews Janet Jackson, which states that is here the greatest show – that’s four and a half stars … It’s … moving lips to the music. Hey! This is not a show at all!!!” – Elton John said in an interview with “Rolling Stone” and added: “I would prefer to go to the transvestite show …”.

Elton John is not the first time criticized his colleagues for the use of phonograms. The last time he got from Madonna. “I say what I think … – musician confessed -. Although Madonna I probably overdone, wrote to her afterwards, she was very kind”.

Elton John himself works always live.


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