Israel has sharply increased the number of acts of hatred against LGBT people


In 2015 Israel was marked an unprecedented increase in cases of physical and verbal violence against members of the LGBT community. The number of reported cases increased by 80%.

Only in the second half of 2015 marked the last 276 attacks, discrimination or overt hatred towards homosexuals. In 13% of cases the victims were transgender, 7% – lesbians.

LGBT community representatives note that in cases of verbal abuse it comes to appeals to violence in social networks. Thus, only one first month of 2016 marked 6836 homophobic utterances in Israel segment of the Internet. The majority of these posts have been published to Facebook.

Recall the summer of 2015 during a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, ultra-orthodox committed an act of terrorism, as a result of his actions hit 6 people, including Shire Banks, died from his wounds.


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