Organizers of the “Eurovision” told what will happen if Russia will win in 2016


Total regular “Eurovision” has already started – and the farther, the more likely it seems Russia’s victory in 2016.

Bookmakers offer bets on the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev with his song “You Are The Only One” by a factor of 7 to 4. In other probable winner is the Swedes taking at the competition after winning last year, and Austrians.

In case of victory Lazarev “Eurovision 2017” will be held in Russia. This causes concern among gay music fans, because the country has a law banning so-called gay propaganda. Holding hands with her partner of the same sex, not to mention the fact, to demonstrate the rainbow flag in the protection of LGBT rights, we fraught with a fine or detention.

Website Gay Star News asked the organizers of the “Eurovision” a few questions:

GSN: If Russia wins this year, whether it is allowed to hold the next “Eurovision”?

According to the rules of “Eurovision” country winner it will receive the opportunity to host the contest next year.

Given that during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi LGBT police detained, if not afraid of “Eurovision” for the safety of the organizers, participants and spectators?

As organizers, we are primarily concerned about the safety of singers, spectators, journalists and staff. Each year, the host country at the contest, signs a declaration in which it undertakes to provide the appropriate conditions during the event.


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