Small penis of ancient statues is a sign of intelligence and restraint


The art historian Ellen Oredsson said in hes blog about the history of art to the concern of many generations of fans of antiquity – ancient Greek statues why such a small dick?

Indeed, a recognized expert, in ancient Greek, Roman and many European statues bearing the imprint of ancient aesthetics, it is striking that the physiological characteristic. The main reasons for which sculptors endow the gods and heroes of the small penis, two.

Firstly, Ordesson writes they sluggish. As is known, the size of a penis neeregirovannom state is much smaller than in the excited state. And secondly, the ancient Greeks had a very special idea of male beauty.

Nowadays large penises are considered as a symbol of masculinity and highly sought after, while in ancient times was considered the most advantageous opposite. Some historians such as Kenneth Dover, author of the book “Greek Homosexuality”, it is believed that the Greeks associated with big cocks stupidity, lust and ugliness. And gives them malosimpatichnye characters, such as Priapus or satyrs.

At the same time, the perfect man for the Greeks was a rational, intelligent and self-confident. He could have a lot of sex, but its success is not linked to the size of the penis. On the contrary, it was believed that a small penis allows its possessor to maintain equanimity and logic.


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