The UN introduced an interactive map of the criminalization of same-sex love for 225 years


Office of The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was represented by historical interactive map criminalization of homosexual love for 225 years. Map is available on the website The UN campaign in support of the rights of sexual minorities “free and equal”.

The interactive map shows how in various countries throughout modern history Enters and cancels the (and sometimes re-enter) criminalizes homosexuality. Reflecting the changes in this field since 1799, the card allows you to recover the tragic story of how in the process of colonization of homophobic legislation was spread out all over the world. Moving the marker on the scale, you can quickly move from one historical period to another and see how the changes waves gradually cover one country after another.

Unfortunately, the available information is incomplete. The gray areas on the map indicate that the relevant data are not available or are being questioned. Work continues on this card, the authors ask you to contact them if you are aware of the historical and legal sources that can help fill in the gaps or correct inaccuracies.


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