UK students want LGBT only accommodation

French students work on the test of Philosophy as they take the baccalaureat exam (high school graduation exam) on June 18, 2012 at the Pasteur high school in Strasbourg, eastern France. Some 703.059 candidates are registered for the 2012 session. The exam results will be announced on July 6, 2012. AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN (Photo credit should read FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

Students across the UK are campaigning to have LGBT-only accommodation, away from straight classmates. Upcoming guidance from the National Union of Students’ LGBT Campaign, will highlight discrimination against LGBT students in halls of residence. The NUS LGBT campaign’s guidance will point to case studies in US colleges, where LGBT-only dorms are already commonplace, reports the Times.

Students argue that the LGBT-only policy simply reflects the option of single-gender flats in halls of residence, a long-established practice of allocating rooms for undergraduates. But Sana Iqbal, the chairwoman of the Students’ Council at the University of Central Lancashire said it would be better to raise awareness of LGBT issues. According to the letter, in order to receive federal funds, “a school may provide separate facilities on the basis of sex, but must allow transgender students access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity.”The letter went on to clarify that while schools could provide single-use bathrooms to provide extra privacy, it could not segregate students to insist that trans students use only the single use facilities.
Pat-McCrory-2The letter also quotes Title IX, saying that students should not be required to provide medical proof to a school, or documentation reflecting change of gender. North Carolina Governor McCrory accused President Obama of throwing away “generations of gender etiquette and privacy norms… which parents, children and employees have expected in the most personal and private settings of their everyday lives.”


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