After appearing on the cover of guy magazine a Russian gay suffered homophobic insults


Last week was published a new edition of the French magazine MMensuel. Its photo graced the cover of Ulyanovsk Ivan Savinov.

Compatriots Ivan outraged that MMensuel – magazine for gay men. In social networks, a handsome 22-year-old came under the barrage of homophobia.

“I am surprised how many detractors in our city. Although I was ready for such statements in my address.”, – He says in an interview.

As Russian said it may by accident that he claimed on the cover of gay publications. The agent sent a fitness model portfolio for a variety of brands and magazines, one of which, MMensuel, and decided to publish some pictures Savinova.

“For gays or not, I do not care, it looks different people with different sexual orientation – continues Ivan -.. In the world people wear clothes of famous brands such as D & G, and others, the founders of which – the representatives of sexual minorities, and it does not bother anyone. And if you wear their clothes, it turns out, you are the same? it is ridiculous!”.


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