Arabic gay told how his parents eventually reconciled with his orientation


When Eric Namaky told his parents that he was gay, they kicked him out. A few decades ago Namak family survived a tough test: they fled from Iran after their declared enemies of the Shah. Now they had to do another one the hard way – to understanding.

“My parents went to the United States, because they believed that they deserve a free life, – says Namaky -. I will never forget about it, no matter what happens.”

It can be assumed that Namaky’s desire to be themselves and not hiding something to do with what the hardships his parents endured in Iran. And just courage son eventually inspired parents to take it again.

Namaky told his story to the LGBT archive I’m From Driftwood. His home town, he said Shagrin
Falls, Ohio. In 1979 Namaky parents made a list of people whom the shah ordered the “search and destroy”, and they decided to escape from Tehran to Turkey. Then they moved to Paris, and then the family is finally settled in Cincinnati, where he grew up and his sister Namaky.

But their newfound happy life swayed when Namakay, while still a schoolboy, made coming out. “My father was furious – Namaky said – he said to me.” So you can not live. So you either change or you will not live here anymore”.

Namaky left home, but after a few years, invited parents to his new home in New York, and introduced them to his boyfriend. The four of them went for burgers.

“And at that moment I realized that my dad is now fully supported. Refusing relatives not in the tradition of our family”.


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