Chinese lesbians have become mothers of twins through surrogacy


Rui Cai and Cleo Wu are thought to be one of the first LGBT couples in the country to use surrogacy to start a family. That the couple have welcomed twins is another milestone for China, which only recently lifted its one-child policy.

In an interview with NPR in the US, the pair told how they used a donor from a US sperm bank, and Cai took two eggs from Wu. Cai had them put in her womb in a clinic in Portland, Oregon, and then returned home to China, where she gave birth at a private hospital in Beijing.

In China, only heterosexual couples can use surrogacy to start a family, and same-sex marriage is outlawed. When, last month, a gay couple tried to sue Chinese city authorities for rejecting their right to marry, a judge ruled against them. Many Chinese gay men and lesbian women resort to sham marriages to placate parents and fit in with society. Xu Bin, founder of Beijing LGBT rights group Common Language, told NPR: ‘To have a child is really a personal right, is a human right. But then you have to have permission from the state. It might be difficult for non-Chinese people to imagine or understand this situation, but this is the reality we face.’


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