Human rights activists have complained of homophobic fans cheering against Cristiano Ronaldo


Spanish Institute of LGBT phobia drew attention to the inappropriate behavior of fans of “Barcelona” during the match with the “Real”.

The organization filed a complaint with the State Commission on combating violence in sport, which served as a pretext for the fans shouting homophobic “Barcelona” in the address Cristiano Ronaldo.

During a moment of silence in memory of Johan Cruyff, the crowd came cries of “Cristiano Ronaldo – fagot”.

“Such acts must be punished according to the law on sport which came into force in 2007, – the head of the organization to oversee the manifestations of homophobia Francisco Ramirez. In recent years, players and referees have repeatedly been victims of homophobic insults . However, to date not taken any measures to counter that would show that such behavior is unacceptable. Homophobia has no place in Spanish football”.

Ramirez said that for several months, Ronaldo is a constant object of insults and rumors about his sexual orientation on the part of journalists, players and fans of the opposing team.


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