A lesbian was recognized as mother of a child of her partner for the first time in Estonia


The first officially registered same-sex couple adopted two children in Estonia. This happened thanks to the entry into force of the law “About the coexistence”.

Gay activist Reimo Mets told about the case in the air channel of the Estonian ERR. He explained that each of the women was on the child on the birth certificate where the father is not specified. Conception occurred with the use of donor sperm, children live in a family of more than four years.

The couple sued the Harju county government, refused to adopt a child in mothers partner. The court sided with the women.

The activist added that prior to the registration of women civil partnership agreement such adoption was impossible. In his opinion, the court in its decision to act in the interests of children. “To every child had two parents,” – said the Mets.

Recall, the law “About the coexistence” entered into force in Estonia in January 2016. It allows not officially married couples (same-sex and opposite-sex) be considered next of kin, to inherit property, as well as to adopt each other’s children.


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