Georgian Ombudsman regretted that LGBT activists were unable to arrange a rally

TBILISI, GEORGIA - MAY 17: Police block the entrance to the supermarket as anti-guy protesters await for two people they suspect to be guy activist to get out ...Anti-guy protesters roaming thru the city randomly attacked people which they suspected to by guy activists. On that street two random people , girl and boy who walk the street holding hands -seek refugee in the Populi Supermarket after they were attacked by the crowd under suspicion of being gay activist..: Gay Rights activisist were unable to hold a rally in Tbilisi center to mark the International Day Against Homophobia . May 17, 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia...They had to change the initially announced venue of the rally after area outside the former parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue was filled by thousands of anti-gay, Orthodox activists, who were led by Orthodox priests. Encouraged by the statement of head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, people at this counter demonstration, some holding banners reading ?Stop Homosexual Propaganda in Georgia?, say they will not allow gay rights activists to gather outside the former Parliament building. At least twelve people, including at least three policemen, were hospitalized after sustaining injuries in separate incidents. / info from

Public Defender of Georgia – the so-called republic post of commissioner for human rights – Ucha Nanuashvili expressed regret that Tbilisi was unable to hold a rally in honor of the World Day Against Homophobia.

LGBT activists have refused to carry out the march on May 17 Day Against Homophobia, due to the fact that the authorities did not give security guarantees to participants of the action.

“At a time when various groups scheduled more than one event in the central parts of the capital [in Georgia on May 17, the Day of the sanctity and the cohesion of the family] is regrettable that the celebration of the World Day against homophobia and transphobia are not held in the open air”, – Nanuashvili said.

The Ombudsman also noted that homophobic attitudes in Georgian society threaten the realization of human rights.

May 17 in the Georgian capital, police detained ten people – presumably LGBT activists – for painting of office buildings, including the building of the Patriarchate, in the colors of the rainbow. The police pointed out that the detention was carried out under the Article of the Code of Administrative Offences, which punishes infliction of harm, and for resisting law enforcement officers.


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