The Paris court ruled that male hairdressers can be called “fag”


The decision of the Paris Court of labor disputes, published this week, the French angered LGBT community. According to the Court, the appeal “dirty fagot” in male hairdresser address is not homophobic insult as among hairdressers many homosexuals.

Scandalous verdict was reached in the course of consideration of a labor dispute the dismissal: in the last year in Paris hairdresser was fired after not come to work due to illness.

After the dismissal of the control cabin by mistake sent only that the dismissed employee the following message: “I’m not going to leave him (the claimant’s name). I do not like this PD … He is dirty…” (a widespread reduction of derogatory pédé, which corresponds to the Russian word “fagot”).

Dismissed the barber went to court with a claim for wrongful dismissal and as evidence showed the same message, which, according to him, proves that his dismissal was motivated by homophobic owner.

However, the Labour Court decided that the message does not contain homophobic insults and did not recognize homophobic motives of dismissal – despite the fact that the acronym PD is admittedly offensive.


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