New YouTube video addresses anti-LGBT bill with Harry Potter and waffles


Dylan Marron – popular YouTuber – hosted his first episode of ‘Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People’, for Seriously.TV. With guest Jackson Bird, Marron explores the experience for trans people in bathrooms. The show adds comedy to the controversial issue of the HB2 bill and how it has been effecting North Carolina’s trans population.

Littered between discussion surrounding Bird’s transition, the pair are seen eating waffles, placing an image of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter into a flushing toilet bowl, drinking what appears to be beer whilst discussing transgender appropriate language and ribbon dancing with toilet paper. On the show Bird talks about his transition, which began a year previous to the filming of the video. He had come out to the world via YouTube, a clip of which was edited into the episode.

Marron highlights “the reason we go to the bathrooms with our gender is so that we’re not attracted to the people we go to bathrooms with,” something which is undermined when surprise, surprise “gay people exist”. The video appears to be a down-to-earth response to the HB2 bill in North Carolina, which prohibits trans people from using the toilet to which they identify. The bill has come up against increasing scrutiny, with the Obama administration last week threatening legal action.


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