Right wing media is defending a ‘hero’ General who ‘joked’ he would kill trans women


General Lieutenant William “Jerry” Boykin was sacked from a teaching post at Hampden-Sydney College after the comments he posted online. The former Delta Force soldier and vice president of the vehemently anti-LGBT Family Research Council, said earlier this year that “the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery.”

He was responding to a number of bills proposed and passed in US states which ban transgender people from using gender-appropriate bathrooms, and it seemed apparent when he referred to “men” that he was misgendering trans women. But despite appearing to call for violence against trans people, the former soldier has been defended as an “American hero” by sites like World Net Daily (WND) and Fox News. The latter referred to the leadership at the school as “cowardly”, and said he was “was ousted because of political correctness.”

WND claimed that he “was targeted by radical LGBT activists”, and that they demanded that he be sacked from the college.
The school’s administrators responded to say that they had simply chosen not to renew the former General’s contract.
“His contract was simply not renewed,” said Thomas Shomo, the college’s director of communications. “We felt it was time academically for a change. Boykin, who previously taught at the all-male school in Virginia, has since claimed he was “joking”, and that the “bottom line is that I oppose these so called ‘‪#‎Bathroom’ bills that let men go into women’s locker rooms, showers, and toilets and I have been very public about it.”When I said in Orlando that ‘… the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,’ the LGBT community once again came after me, claiming that I was calling for violence against ‪‎transgender‬ people.”


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