British students get into the sex industry, in order to avoid debt


Students are increasingly coming to look for jobs in the sex industry, not to go into debt during higher education. This is indicated by data from a study conducted by researchers from Swansea University, during which interviewed 6773 students from different parts of the UK.

It was found that 2.4% of male respondents were directly involved in the provision of sexual services – either in prostitution or escort, and 3.5% had sex indirectly – they worked in telephone sex lines, participated in a live broadcast via the web camera or starred in porn films. Among women, the percentage of those who are engaged in this work, was lower: 1.3% of students engaged in the provision of “direct” sexual services, and 2.7% “indirect”. Also, a large number of male students thought about what to do “indirect” sexual services for money – 14.7%, and 8.8% have considered and the option of providing “direct” services. The majority of respondents who have worked in this area, said that this do to earn extra money while studying and living at the proper level, and to avoid debt.

That is the reality: students work in the sex industry. It is a fact. Another fact is that some of them need advice, support for and sometimes even help to stop this work. Now these students are experiencing stigma and condemnation, which they are afraid, so they are not willing to talk about their work employees of universities and support services to workers who could help them. Also, a big problem is the stereotype that makes people go for such work.


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