Lesbians earn more than heterosexual women


Lesbians earn on average 12% more, and gays – by 9% compared with heterosexual employees. This is stated in the study according to the level of salaries of sexual orientation, which is held the British Anglia Ruskin University in cooperation with the German Institute for the Study of Labor (Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit). The staff of the institution compared the salaries in Australia and in Europe and America.

It is noted that compared salaries of people with similar levels of education, skills and experience.

The study found that in the period from 1989 to 2016, the largest gap between the salaries of lesbians and heterosexual women was observed in the US (20%), Canada (15%), Germany (11%), the UK (8%) and the Netherlands ( 3%). In France, Sweden and the earnings level does not depend on sexual orientation, and in Greece and Australia lesbians receive less than their peers by 8% and 28%, respectively.

Also, employees of the university have studied the dependence of wages on the sexual orientation of men. It turned out that gays worldwide earn less than their heterosexual counterparts. The biggest gap in the level of wages was recorded in the United States. There he is 16%. The smallest gap in earnings (4%) observed in the Netherlands.

As explained by the authors of the study, gay salary may be less because they often avoid professions dominated by men. High earnings lesbians, in turn, can be explained by the fact that these women are on the contrary often choose “male” occupations, where wages are usually higher.


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