Top Three myths about gays


The way to achieve equality in society is largely based on the overthrow of cultivated stereotypes and obvious untruths about the life of those who are being discriminated against.

This publication refers to the three most problematic myths and stereotypes, playing first violin in the dehumanization of gay men. Even people who support LGBT equality, sometimes fall under their influence – what to speak of heterosexuals who willingly support them and spread, thus trying to “rationalize” and reinforce discrimination.

The stereotype of the first: all gay men are feminine. The idea that male homosexuality is directly linked to femininity, wrong at all.

The stereotype of the second: All gay men are obsessed with fashion, interior design and love Madonna. It is obvious that the myth of feminine gays creates a host of other stereotypes. Some of them are so strong that many people come to the conclusion about the existence of some “typical gay identity”. In fact, individual differences in gay men is as obvious as the differences of people belonging to any other group. Yes, there are gay men who are interested in fashion, care about appearance, meticulously relate to the issues of interior and cleanliness of their apartments and are fans of Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga. But there are many other gay men who do not show similar interests and show a completely different behavior – as well as many heterosexual men who love fashion, care about appearance and Madonna.

The stereotype of the third: gay men attracted to everything, and they can not control their desires. Like any other group of people, homosexual men are attracted only certain character types that cause their interest or sexual desire.


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