Transgender woman removed the ears to complete the transition into a dragon


The term “trans” no longer belongs exclusively to the people. Transgender woman made quite an extreme body modification, to make the transition to a different species.

Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa, or simply “Tiamat” to transgender transition was 55-year-old banker named Richard Hernandez – but decided to give up everything and become a dragon. This decision can be understood: the life of the financier is not easy, especially closer to the end of the quarter.

Tiamat (lately she prefers to talk about themselves in the neuter, that in English corresponds to animals and other non-human beings) writes about himself:. “Preparing for surgery transgender M2F (Male makes a transition into a woman) I’m currently turning in drakonid: throw off human skin, change the appearance, leaving the old life in the past and refuse of human nature”.

“What I like most about body modification all the aesthetic attractiveness, sexual pleasure, outrageous, but the most important thing ?… Moral satisfaction and the spiritual meaning of the body Modification gave me a new life, a new start.”

Tiamat spent on the operation of almost 30 000 dollars and is ready to continue its costly quest of perfection. According to her, “the pursuit of perfection fills our life with magic”.


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