Women are more prone to bisexuality


According to a new study, women are more prone to bisexuality than men and three times more likely to change sexual orientation in the interval from 20 to 30 years.

Author of the study examined the biographies of 5018 women and 4191 men in the United States, considering the period from adolescence to adulthood. Research has shown that women are “more flexible and easier to adapt” than men, are more likely to consider themselves to be 100% heterosexuals or homosexuals.

Elizabeth Aura McClintock, associate professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame, said that the opportunity to enter into a romantic relationship can affect the sexual orientation of women – but not men.

“Women who are sufficiently attracted to partners of both sexes can be strictly heterosexual, if they have a good chance to find the opposite sex partner”, – she says. “If a woman has just developed relationships with men, what of it is waiting for the society, it can never try a relationship with another woman. But if a bisexual woman is hard to find a partner for heterosexual relationships, it will go to the experiment are more likely with a partner, a woman”.

McClintock Studies show that women are educated and physically attractive often consider themselves to be “100% heterosexual” – presumably due to the fact that they have more opportunities to choose a suitable male partner.


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