In South Africa same-sex kiss in advertising provoked a wave of indignation


In South Africa is home to around five million gays and Anova Health Institute in conjunction with the AIDS Foundation of Elton John released public service ads to show homosexual relations and to remove from them the stigma. Roller has become part of their We The Brave joint initiative.

In the promotional video, two men, white and black, get up from the table and kiss in slow motion. Another man – older and, apparently, the father of one of them – watching in silent shock. Appears the inscription: “We have the courage to make coming out.” The next frame shows the ruptured package from the condom and the slogan “Use protection, we also are not afraid”.

The plot may seem straightforward, but it hardly justifies the disturbance that caused the video in South Africa. Some broadcasters have refused to even show the video in the air, and on “Twitter” ad called “indecent” and “sickening”. Note, this is the first time a local television showed gay kiss.

“The purpose of advertising – not to shock, but to draw the attention of our audience, showing a situation in which people could see themselves, – he said Nina Morris-Lee, the head of the marketing department of Health Anova Institute -. It is very important not urgent public health issue. we have no time for tact and modesty”.


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