Not heterosexual and do not want to be


Modern scientists believe that sexual orientation – this is not the choice of the person, as an innate predisposition. However, there are those (including LGBT camp), who argues that homosexuality is a preference, not a given.

Let’s imagine that their view is true: we can choose who to be. How many people would choose homosexual orientation in a world that in many ways more than convenient heterosexuals? For me, a hypothetical choice is obvious – I would have been straight. Not because I secretly hate myself – I am glad that I was gay – but because to be naturals at times easier, including in terms of laws. We asked and the other gay. Here’s what they said …

Thomas, 21: There was a time when I would have said yes – especially in adolescence. But now I would not change anything. I am happy to live in the XXI century and to be able to be yourself and enjoy the variety of love.

Alan, 50: Interesting question? but not entirely honest. Everyone wants to be accepted for what they are, and to be loved. Most people hear in this question “would you like to be normal?” I like to be myself, and I do not want to change anything.

Robert, 26: Becoming naturals for me would be to lower the level. But life at all complicated, it does not depend on sexual preference. Feelings arise chemically, and the periodic table is one for all.

Lucas, 25: I would become a hererosexual, where being gay would be difficult. But I have not got into such a situation. To create a family, for example, easier to be straight.

Steve, 21: No, I do not want “to be treated.” I am happy to be gay. Yes, it is more difficult, but life is not simple at all. Even if I was straight, I would find to complain about.


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