Two-thirds of parents would be upset if their children were gay or lesbian


Two-thirds of parents would be upset if their child is admitted to his homosexuality. These are the findings of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA).

The survey was timed to the International Day Against Homophobia (17 May) and conducted with technical support from the company RIWI Corp. It was attended by 96 000 people from 53 countries. Also according to the survey, only 28% of respondents do not have anything against transgender people.

The researchers concluded that “heteronormative views on sexual orientation and gender identity still prevalent worldwide despite the differences between the regions.”

Half the world confidently: LGBT people should be prosecuted by law.

While most parents are not ready to accept their children, if they are homosexuals, 67% still believe that human rights should apply to everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

After processing the data from all 53 countries, of ILGA got even more depressing picture: only 53% of people did not believe in the world, LGBT people should be prosecuted. If we look at what percentage of supporters of LGBT criminalization in different regions, the picture will be as follows:

Africa – 45%

Asia – 34%

North and South America – 15%

Europe – 17%

Oceania – 14%

About 20% of respondents in all regions were not able to determine the position on this issue.


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