Transgender children have a healthy psyche with caring parents


Transgender children who are supported by their parents have a healthy mind – says a study published in the journal Pediatrics.

Doctors from the University of Washington examined 73 transgender child from 3 to 12 years, and also interviewed their parents. They found that levels of anxiety and depression among transgender children is not higher than in the two control groups – one of their brothers and sisters, the second of their peers.

At this level of anxiety and depression of children was significantly lower than in previous studies.

These results, said lead author Kristina Olson, refute the perception that mental problems among transgender children are inevitable – and that transgender is a mental disorder itself.

“It has always been assumed that children who do not conform to gender stereotypes, in fact doomed to mental problems – says Christine Olson, assistant professor of psychology at Washington University. – Our study does not confirm this”.

Her co-author Katie McLaughlin, and associate professor of psychology, called the findings “are of great interest”.

“They suggest that abnormalities in the psyche in transgender children can be avoided Caring parents can protect these children from the development of mental disorders that are so common in adults transgender”. – Said Katie.
Depression Level of transgender children from affluent families averaged 50.1 at the rate adopted in the Americas 50. Their anxiety level was 54.2, which is only slightly above normal.


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