How chemsex spoiled life successful London lawyer


Such stories could provide excellent script for a thriller – if it were not true. A successful London lawyer Henry Hendron and his beloved Miguel Jimenez – the main characters of this tragic story.

One morning, after a fun night, 35-year-old Henry awoke to find his partner Miguel lifeless. After unsuccessful attempts to revive him, the ambulance sped to the already dead young man. Cause of death – an overdose of narcotics, which gave him the night before Henry Hendron. Now Henry is in police custody.

Chemical sex – chemsex is popular entertainment among youth. And not only her – many attracted by the opportunity to have sex for hours, without a break. Drugs provide the desired effect. However, this is a game with death: combining dangerous substances with alcohol, it’s easy to say goodbye to life. What happened with Miguel.

But where did Hendrona known and successful lawyer, appeared addicted to drugs? He grew up in a Catholic family and touched up to 30 years to anything other than regular cigarettes. But one day, tried soft drugs at the party, all abruptly changed: sitting down on them, he discovered the sex under the influence of drugs. According to him, it allowed him to have fun after hard work. Double Life had to hide – his own mother did not know of any drug, nor that her son – gay.

Now Hendron trying to cope with the nightmare, which has become his life. “This is all my fault in our relationship, I was a senior I had all stopped terribly aware that nothing can fix the pain does not subside I’m just getting used to live with her…. “.


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