In Austria refugees are taught that it’s bad to beat women but good to be homosexual


Thousands of Syrians have fled their homes and came to Europe in search of a better life. Each EU country has its own solve the problem of integration of refugees. Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria issued a special leaflet for them.

“Rules of Conduct”, which received immigrants from Muslim countries that include about two dozen items. For clarity, each of the items illustrated. For example, the leaflet said that the attack on women – bad. It is usually accompanied by a drawing, in which a man raises his hand to a woman. It crossed a red cross icon.

Another point, explaining that in Austria legalized same-sex civil partnerships, depicts a pair of kissing men and women. This drawing is marked with a green checkmark.

Earlier, Sweden’s largest company dedicated to sexual education announced that he was going to tell the boys refugees arriving in Northern Europe about gay rights.


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