Instagram bans LGBT hashtags


If you search for #lesbian, #bi or #gays on Instagram, you’ll be met with a blank page and a message reading “No Posts Yet”. But it is not because the popular social network is homophobic – it is just a part of its anti-porn policy. Sexual hashtags that are obviously banned include #anal, #breast and #penis. Other banned hashtags include #lesbiansofinstagram, #snapchatgay and #iamgay.

Luckily, other LGBT hashtags are available – including #queer, #bisexual, #gaylove and #transgender – so remember to use those when you’re posting a nice snap of you and your other half out for a romantic stroll. Meanwhile, in a stunning turn of events, a UK government analysis of social media users found there are a lot of gays on Instagram. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport drew findings from its Taking Part survey, aiming to “clarify how representative users of the most popular social media platforms are of the general population”.


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