Neo-Nazi rally in Spain was interrupted by a gay kiss


A picture of two men interrupting a Spanish neo-Nazi rally by kissing, went viral. David Fernandez and his date, Gregor Eistert, posted a picture to Twitter on Saturday, after a march in Madrid by Hagar Social Madrid – a far right group.

The rally had been organised by the group to protest the number of migrants entering Europe. The pair hadn’t planned to take part in the counter protest and were looking for somewhere to go for a drink. But, when neo-Nazis called them “faggots”, “queers” and “AIDS patients”, they decided to make a stand.

The pair had been holding hands as they looked for somewhere to have a drink in Plaza Mayor, when people from the march started shouting homophobic abuse at them.Members of the far right group then surrounded the couple and eyewitnesses claim this was when a riot broke out. Since Saturday, the photo and video of what happened has been shared thousands of times on social media. On Twitter, one user said: “Beautiful and epic moment of the kiss of David and Gregor against Nazi demonstration on Saturday in Madrid.” Another said, “ETERNAL love for David and Gregor. Thank you for being so brave and so precious! <3.”


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