In Moscow the results of the monitoring of LGBT discrimination in 2015 was presented


In Moscow at the beginning of the week was a presentation of the report on human rights abuses and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, drawn up on the basis of “Russian LGBT Network” monitoring program in the 9 regions of the country. As we reported earlier, last year “… LGBT Network” has documented 284 cases of violence and discrimination against LGBT citizens.

Despite the differences between the regions in the course of monitoring general trends have been identified, among which are to the fore closure of the LGBT community. This is dictated by the closeness and fear of nationalist groups and armed organizations involved “hunting pedophiles,” and the fear of Cuming-out.

In addition, the monitoring revealed numerous cases of violations of labor rights, the right to freedom of assembly and expression. Often as a reason for the prohibition of LGBT events or dismissal of homosexual, bisexual or transgender people are fictitious grounds. Because of this, victims do not is the actual reason for going to court. At the same time, rare are the cases of the struggle for their rights through reference to the police and the courts. This is due to the reluctance of LGBT people to disclose their orientation or identity and attract attention. Often LGBT leave attempts to restore justice because of internalized homophobia or distrust law enforcement authorities, which is under a good reason. Only in the framework of monitoring in 2015 it recorded 21 cases of abuse by law enforcement officials.


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