Islamists stoned another 15-year-old gay in eastern Syria


15-year-old Syrian teenager was sentenced to death for the “crime” to be homosexual. Islamic police staged a public execution immediately after sentencing the sharia court.

To murder attracted passers-by on the streets mayadin, the city in eastern Syria, with a population of about 50 000 people. The city is under the control of Islamic terrorists. The execution took place at the beginning of the week.

Previously, the terrorists have spread propaganda terrifying roller threaded executions of homosexuals.

With reference to the Syrian Monitoring Centre for Human Rights reported that the only terrorists in Syria recently publicly executed 25 homosexuals. The shock caused the massacre of another 15-year-old boy who was allegedly in connection with a high-ranking terrorist, or, according to other sources, she was raped them.

After the capture in 2014 of territories in Syria and Iraq LIH, an organization which is banned in many countries, he declared it a caliphate and imposed Sharia. Sexual minorities are in the “caliphate” horrific abuse as “the worst of creatures”.


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