Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s heterosexual marriage could not resist even one and a half of year


After 15 months of living together with Johnny Depp Amber Heard filed for divorce.

As the reason of the divorce the 30-year-old actress (in 2010 she came out of the closet as a lesbian, and then changed her mind …) pointed “irreconcilable differences” and requested the payment of marital support. 52-year-old Depp, whose fortune is estimated at $ 400 million, in turn, have asked to reject the petition through his lawyer wife.

Recall Hollywood celebrities met while working together in the film “The Rum Diary”. While Emberr Hurd was long-term relationship with a photographer 40 years Tasya van Ree.

The “Rum Diary” Johnny has partnered with Ember. On the set of their relationship, apparently, and began to develop. To its credit, Heard, it should be noted that by the time she “err” and stopped calling myself a lesbian, leaning more to the definition of “bisexual”. In an interview with the actress stated that avoids shortcuts, and said that she had a great relationship with both men and women. Johnny in the same period, separated from the mother of his children, the actress and singer Vanessa Paradis. Sites “okologollivudskoy” focus immediately informed that this was due to Amber, and she is now – his new passion, which loads with presents Depp expensive gifts.

However, love Amber and Johnny did not last long. Heard broke with the famous actor and left him … to the girl. But then Depp is still able to achieve what he wanted …

During the past year, they officially married. According to recent reports of reporters, the couple have not yet decided what to do in case of divorce with pets – Yorkshire Terrier Pistole and Bu.


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