In Peru the police from the water cannons dispersed a peaceful protest kissing gays


On the square in Lima, capital of Peru, dozens of same-sex couples gathered who were kissing, holding hands and waving rainbow flags to protest homophobia. Soon the police began to disperse the demonstrators using water cannons.

Jets of water diluted with kerosene, were so powerful that some of the protesters were injured. But people still do not hurry to leave. Photos from the rally posted Peruvian LGBT portal Sin Eqiguetas.

The Catholic Church, which has a very strong influence in Peru, supports homophobic attitudes in society. The only gay pride parade was held in Lima in 2002, while the majority of the demonstrators were masked in order to avoid persecution.

In the spring of 2015 under the influence of the Catholic Church Committee of the Congress of Peru has blocked a bill to legalize same-sex civil unions.


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