Transgendered models starred in the advertising of a new collection of Indian designer


Designer Sharmila Nair, who lives and works in the southern Indian state of Kerala, has made the two transgender models heroines shooting his new collection.

Saris Line, released under the brand name Red Lotus, called Mazhavil, which translated to the local language means “rainbow”. Nair decided to devote a new collection of the LGBT community, learn about the new legislative initiative: the recently announced Kerala leadership that would protect transgender and achieve equality. Designer contacted local human rights organization Queerela, which helped her to find the two models.

Heroines of shooting first reacted to the idea with skepticism, because they do not believe that anyone can apply to transgender women seriously and want to take them off in fashion advertising. Nair hoped that this survey will help her heroines, and other transgender people to fight prejudice.

In traditional Indian culture called transgender “hijra”. For centuries, this caste was one of the “untouchables”, so the traditional occupations of hijra were and still are street performances, prostitution, begging and fortune telling.


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