In Morocco two students were arrested for a kiss


On Friday two students from Morocco were arrested for participating in the shooting of video with gay kiss.

Roller spread quickly on the web and caused a wave of indignation. There are two male silhouette kissing in the classroom. The video was filmed in the town Inezgan (located in the vicinity of Agadir).
Local media reported that the video participants identified, they are university students. One learns from law school and works part-time at the school, where the video was filmed. The second is studying Hospitality.

While both men remain in custody awaiting sentencing. If convicted, they face up to three years in prison and a fine of 1,200 dirhams (about $ 120).

In June last year were from Morocco expelled the Femen activists, who kissed on the ruins of the mosque Hassan to protest against the persecution of the country’s LGBT community members.


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