In Pakistan transgender woman died in the hospital – the doctors were arguing an hour about her sex


On Wednesday in the city of Peshawar hospital in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa died activist named Alicia, protect the rights of transgender people. She was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. There’s a woman lay an hour waiting for help, but in the meantime decided Aesculapius “main” question in the House to put some new patient – the women’s or men’s.

The murder of 23-year-old Alicia was committed on Sunday night. The activist was shot at least six times. In the Lady Reading Hospital hospital she was admitted in critical condition.

About an hour the doctors could not decide which ward to determine the victim. As a result, she was placed in the treatment room, where doctors continued controversy. The discussion was finally stopped only the chief doctor, ordered to urgently carry transgender in office for VIP-patients. When Alicia finally put on the operating table, it was too late.

According to friends of Alicia, in the hospital they had been harassed by doctors. Physicians interested in one of the transsexuals, as he needs to pay, so he danced all night or had sex service.

Cynical medical action angered members of the LGBT community and Alicia relatives. They saw in them not merely negligence, but also discrimination based on gender.


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